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SC attends Shalini Vadhera’s global Launch of Power Beauty Living

Society’s Choice was excited to celebrate the global launch of ‘Power Beauty Living’ by Shalini Vadhera at the U.N. on February 29th.  Shalini is the founder and CEO of ‘Power Beauty Living’ and the author of ‘Passport to Beauty’.  She is also a renowned, award-winning global beauty and lifestyle expert. Shalini unveiled her multi-faceted platform earlier in the […]

Harry, The Baby Pygmy Hippo.

Adorable Harry the Pygmy Hippo is no stick in the mud when it comes to making friends with Humans. The 11 pound baby was born at a wildlife sanctuary in South Africa and was rejected by her mum. So his doting caters are giving her round the clock attention. The hippo, who will not grow to more than […]

Special Exhibition Of Acclaimed Photographer Javier Gomez.

A special thank you Patrycja Adamowska for the pictures!