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Stephen Seo.

Dr Shireen pictured with the famous Fashion designer Stephen Seo (immediately to her left ). Please read this fascinating article about him in Blackbook. Once a New York adman, Stephen Seo was so inspired by the bespoke tailoring of London’s Savile Row that he decided to study the process on his own. Now based New […]

Husband Rock & Wife Rock.

As a marriage symbol Japanese Shinto priests first wed these two hulking rocks off the coast of Futami more than 1,300 years ago to symbolize the sanctity of marriage. Today, husband rock (the strong, silent type at 30 feet high) and wife rock are still yoked together in the Pacific Ocean by 100 feet of […]

Philippe Petit: “Air Devil”.

Air-devil Philippe Petit told Reader’s Digest in 1975, “Many high-wire walkers have died on their last step, thinking they had made it.” The then-24-year-old Frenchman had to do more than step carefully in order to complete his most famous stunt—an illegal walk between the Twin Towers, captured in the 2008 Oscar-winning documentary Man on Wire. […]

Donnella Tilery.

This is our dear friend Donnella Tilery, founder of New Jersey Fashion week . Please join the page and check out all the exciting events taking place this week. SC can’t wait to attend and experience the beautiful fashion and see all the action.

1934 “Star Of India” Rolls Royce Phantom II Continental.

1934 “Star of India” Rolls-Royce Phantom II Continental $13 million

The “High School Musical” Couple.

If any of you are big kids like me and saw “The High School Musical movies” , you will agree that this couple are so cute! Please click on this link to read about them “

The Palio, Siena.

One of the most dramatic events in the world is the 700 year old horse race called the Palio. The race takes place in the middle of the town of Siena , once a year (you may remember it in the last James Bond Movie)

Philharmonic Orchestra In The Park.

One of my favourite things to do every July is get a group of friends together in the park and have a picnic, listening to the Philharmonic Orchestra.

Monica Eisenman’s Painting.

Thank you to the Wonderful artist Monica Eisenman, who has donated to the National Wildlife Federation, this lovely work of art she painted especially for “Nature’s Night”! Her page is She is flying in especially to join us on July 14th and her painting will be auctioned that night!

Team Hoyt.

Yesterday I took this photo at a bus stop! It depicts a story that almost defies belief in courage , love and superhuman devotion. These 2 men are called “Team Hoyt” .They run marathons together( 65 in total) , take part in triathlons and other types of sport. Father Hoyt refused to let his son […]