Archive | November, 2010

Interview with TV host Judy Goss by Dr. Shireen Fernandez

Judy Goss is a former Model, TV host, mother of twins, and founder of the group Over 40 Females. SC:  You are a Woman that has accomplished so much.  What do you consider your greatest accomplishment? JG:  Thank you! I don’t think one specific thing is my greatest accomplishment, but having achieved all the successes […]

Interview with Christopher Koulouris by Dr. Shireen Fernandez

Scallywag and Vagabond:  a dissection of pop culture, a platform for the avant-garde, an offering from the arbiters of taste and probing interviews. Imagine; a fusion of editorials from the New Yorker meets the savagery of Gawker with the allure of Vanity Fair. SC:  Can you please explain to the readers of Society’s Choice what […]

Interview with Pop singer Dianne Wesley by Dr. Shireen Fernandez

Dianne Wesley, apart from being a close friend is also a big star in the Music World. She had two huge hits last year with ‘Ecstasy’ which reached number 4 in the billboard charts and ‘I Can’t Wait’ which reached 15 . We were absolutely thrilled when she agreed to perform for Society’s Choice’s Benefit, Nature’s Night 2 for […]