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Bipasha Basu


We Are All On One Drive.

Thank you everyone who came out last night and for your kind donations.  All items are being donated to The Salvation Army & GoodWill.  ~Society’s Choice, DEG Production, Hampton Daze Magazine ~  “Too often we underestimate the power of a touch, a smile, a kind word, a listening ear, an honest compliment, or the smallest […]

James Mackinder: “His Life In Phuket And His Love For Dogs.”

I have always loved dogs ever since I was a puppy… I mean a kid! Some of the things I love about dogs… 1. They’re beautiful, funny + they lift your spirits. 2. They’re trustworthy, honest + fiercely loyal. 3. They are ‘always’ ridiculously delighted to see you whether you’ve been gone 5 months or […]

Join Pamela Morgan & Flirt With Flavors.

Creating a Thanksgiving Dinner for your friends and family can be quite daunting. How long do I cook the turkey? Do I brine it, marinate it, stuff it or all three?? How do I get everything to come out on time?? Yikes. Let me take your stress away. I have created recipes and a menu for […]

Society’s Choice’s Interview With Singer/Actress Dalal Bruchmann.

Thank you to our amazing friend Pierre Baz for filming Dr. Shireen’s interview with Dalal and for taking these lovely pictures. (Click here to see the rest of the photos via our Flickr stream)

The Disco Dancing Polar Bear.

The fluffy white bear was caught on camera jumping and jiving in the middle of the wilderness on the edge of Bernard Spit in Alaska. With temperatures plummeting well below zero throughout most of the year it appears as if one of the world’s largest land carnivores is dancing in a bid to keep warm. The […]

Defining Moments.

In celebration of our continued mission to inspire, empower or enlighten readers, this monthly column describes the moments that impacted the direction or trajectory of a person’s life, and comes directly from our readers. By Glenda Finn As always, I welcome the opportunity to recount an incident that presented me with a “defining moment” that ultimately led to a new understanding and, in […]

Met Costume Institute Gala 2011.

  The Superbowl of the fashion world! (Click here to see the rest of the pictures via our Flickr stream)

Supermodel Gracie Carvalho.

Gracie Carvalho (Brazil, 23 July 1990) is a Brazilian Supermodel who has been in Sports Illustrated and Victoria’s Secret. (Click here to see the rest of the photos via our Flickr stream)

Society’s Choice Interviews: “Luciano Lamonarca.”

1) Can you tell us a little bit about where you are from ? I came from a beautiful region called Puglia, on the south-eastern coast of Italy. It is often called not just the “heel” of Italy, as it represents the heel of the “boot”, but also, lovingly and figuratively – the soul of the […]