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Nicole Miller hosts an Exclusive Book Signing with NY Times Best Selling Author Regina Calcaterra

Fashion Designer Nicole Miller hosted an exclusive book signing with NY Times Best Selling author Regina Calcaterra. The event took place at Nicole Miller Soho.  The guests got to meet and get signed copies by the lovely Regina while shopping for a great cause. A percentage of the clothing sales will be donated to:   […]

Sir Richard Branson

One of Society Choice’s favorite people is Sir Richard  Branson Here he is pictured with the founders of Society’s Choice Dr Shireen Fernandez and Alex Harris. ~Sir Richard was born on 18 July 1950 and is an English business magnate and investor. He is best known as the founder of Virgin Group of more than 400 companies.  His first business venture […]

Dr. Shireen’s NYC Photo Shoot.

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Society’s Choice Visit “Shoe Heaven” at Ruia.

Thank you to our dear friend Kajal for opening her store especially for Society’s Choice. This really is a Gorgeous Place to buy Gorgeous Shoes. WWW.RUIANYC.COM * Click here to see her Facebook page * (Click here to see the rest of the photos via our Flickr stream)   

Society’s Choice Interviews: “Angela Cottrill.”

SC: When and how did you start? Angela: I’m from Linwood, NJ just 5 minutes from Atlantic City. Since middle school I always took interest in doing my make up, and making sure my hair always looked nice. My mom was a nail technician, so of course I had always been in her nail polish. Anything […]

“Sacrifice” by Boss Bishop.

This Poem is by Boss Bishop, the “Poet that rocks” written for Society’s Choice Sacrifice .. Yes we reach the point of no return when the tides of time begin to turn shake off that creeping malaise the shape of your destiny is carved in an early age the secret that we are all trying […]

“Englishman In NYC” by P.J. (Relationship Admin)

Englishman In NYC by P.J. “Relationship Admin.”   “So last week I talked about the difficulty in finding your perfect play thing and more critically, the challenge in keeping the spark. This is a ‘tequila topic’ I have explored with male buddies and my female friends. By the way, a note to men – Women […]

“Living” by Thierry Durand.

Living by Thierry Durand for Society’s Choice The hard drive of my mind these revised calculations update status of my life potential defragmentation space for actual release Research dangerous viral thoughts and quarantine to be the holy vital matter to explore without hatred or anger digitization of existence that comes and goes shutdown and restart […]

Belief From Within.

by Alex Harris Many of us lack self belief and that in turn makes us susceptible to a lack of motivation. My life has been a roller coaster of successes and failures, but that is what I believe life is all about. Acknowledgement of failure or shortcomings is the foundation to what our house of success […]

“You” by Thierry Durand.

You by Thierry Durand  Written Exclusively for Society’s Choice What am I without you Digital sinking boat in the infinite flying in an area without search engine watching a corridor with no exit a labyrinth of thoughts not exorcise a blank virtual network for sharing and exchange a sea of light was never extinguished with […]