Rusty when we rescued him….

So, things have moved on for me + the dogs out here in Phuket…
I finished 6 months of Volunteer work at Soi Dog and was just planning to head back to the UK to look for a ‘real’ job back in London, when at the last minute I thought to myself, if I can find another job out here working with dogs I might stay a bit longer…
A week later I found myself working for a new dog shelter called Doggie Heaven where we rescue abandoned, sick and abused dogs from the streets of Phuket, Thailand, many of them a few days or weeks from death, get them the medical care, attention, nutrition, exercise, love and affection that they need to recover and then we find new homes for them all around the world.
We only have 18 dogs here because we are a small, privately run operation but the upside is that the dogs all live in the house with us, which is a bit hectic but also great fun..! This way they are all house-trained, good on leash, well socialized, in most cases!, and therefore highly adoptable.
Rusty is off to his new home in the UK in a couple of weeks’ time….

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