Alma de Cuba, Set inside the magnificent conversion of the former St. Peters Catholic Church. Alma de Cuba in an eclectic mix of Cuba, Hispanic, and Latin American influences that are enhanced with Liverpool’s great spirit and humour. 


The place is always packed full of beautiful people and Ladies Day was no exception, the bar rocked until well after midnight. Alma De Cuba is an impressive bar and restaurant, coupling original features such as the altar and the glass stained windows with their funky and contemporary decor creates the perfect setting.



Alma de Cuba is situated in the former St Peter’s Catholic Church in Liverpool. The building is itself an iconic destination as it is the first church in Liverpool to be turned into a social venue.

 The church was opened on the 7th of September in 1788. It served as a Catholic building for 188 years until 1976, after which it served the local Polish community for a short time. For this reason it is still today affectionately referred to as ‘the Polish Church’.

Until its closure in 1978, St. Peter’s was the oldest surviving Catholic Church in Liverpool. After a period of disuse, the building was taken over by Urban Splash and is now the internationally acclaimed ultra-stylish restaurant and bar, Alma de Cuba.

 •1788 7th September – St Peter’s Church opened

 •1788 28th September – First baptisms performed

 •1817 – One of the earliest catholic elementary schools in the country was opened at the

 •1818 – The Chapel was considerably enlarged

 •1903 – Six stained- glass windows were installed at a cost of £330

 •1904 – The Baptistery and West end were renovated for £150

 •1908 – The Lady Chapel was renovated for £100

 •1920 – Electric Light was installed for the first time and the Church was redecorated in. Funds for this refurbishment were raised by sources including a Grand Bazaar held 14th-16th October 1920

•1976 – The church was transferred to the Polish Community and for a short time was known as “Our Lady of Czestochowa”

 •1978 – the parish was closed

 •Late 90′s – Mother Theresa attended mass at St Peter’s Church


Apart from the overall wow-factor and the tasty food and drink. The original alter acts as host to the
DJ and Cuban dancers (turning into a dance floor at weekends), and, flanked by colour-changing lights and tall palm trees, it really is pretty impressive with its  Beautiful Brazilian dancers and petal drops every Friday and Saturday from 11pm. 


The Dancer’s happily mixed with all the party goers and the place continued to rock all night.

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