It was reported that sales had an 8.7% rise in fashion and beauty in the six weeks prior to the races.

As well as 3,500 pints of fake tan, 12,000 sets of acrylic nails/false eyelashes, 10,000 clutch bags and 38,700 pairs of stiletto killer heels.  With flip flops being packed in bags just in case!

The day started for many with a welcomed Champagne breakfast, which was being served throughout many bars in Liverpool town centre, which consisted of a full English breakfast and glass of champs, followed by fresh orange juice.


The weather was dry, but cold and had a bitter chill factor, but this didn’t stop the girls arriving in style and making a grand appearance with a touch of humour to make the day unforgettable!

And there is no guarantee those towering killer heels which seemed like such a good idea first thing in the morning will make it to the end of the day…..


Three lovely ladies hiring hats for the day costing between £60 and £70 day hire.

Regular Grand National favourite Coleen Rooney, 27, the wife of England’s footballer Wayne Rooney, who is eight months pregnant, tweeted her disappointment at not being able to attend Ladies Day, as she hasn’t missed this event in the past 10 years.

Ladies’ Day is a firm favourite with the fairer sex in the North West who have become known for pulling out all the stops in the fashion world.  However, it was the men folk spending more on outfits this year with 3 out of the 5 men interviewed stating that it only took 20 minutes to get ready, however, they had spent over £2,500 on their suits, shirts, shoes and tie etc., with names like Hugo Boss, Prada, Armani, Alex McQueen and Gucci to name a few top designers.


Strawberries so typically British being served on the day for those who fancied a quick delicious snack between races. Was I tempted?…what do you think?


Many wonderful designs with an array and splash of colour was worn by the Ladies and it was difficult to concentrate on the Races as your eyes where always focused on the amazing outfits and what everyone was wearing.

Dresses of all shapes and sizes where purchased all over the world for this John Smith’s Grand National event.  One lady interviewed told me she bought her outfit from an outlet in LA, via the internet which was very retro and sophisticated, well worth the effort as she looked a million dollars as you can see.

race8 race9 race10

Bets where taken on the races all day long with many winners and losers, but you have to be in to win it and it’s all great fun.


My tip of the day …I was told not to bet lol as that way I would be sure not to lose my money….smiles.


Just collected my winnings!


So much glamour and beauty and happy smiling faces..


Horse Race owner Kevin Coyne loving every minute of this day and looking forward to his horse “Across the Bay” taking part in the Grand National Race the following day.

Kevin told me he paid a mere £10,000 for his horse which was a steal of a price as normally race horses sell for over half a million.


Horse Race owner Kevin Coyne celebrating with champagne Charlie, friends and staff from his legal firm, which he runs from Liverpool.

race20 race21 race22

Champagne Darling?……:-)))


The ending of a great day out at the Races, now off to the after party at Alma de Cuba….

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