Hundreds of feet high, hanging on by just his fingertips, the slightest slip could mean certain death, these are the scariest pictures yet of real-life Spider-man Mustang Wanted. The Ukrainian daredevil, a former legal advisor who gave up the desk job to pursue a career as a ‘sky-walker’, lives his life by the motto ‘fear does not exist’, and it really shows. Mustang, pictured here during his recent week-long climbing holiday to Moscow, has won a legion of fans around the world with his breathtaking antics and is now appealing for sponsorship.

Describing his gung-ho philosophy, the 26-year-old, who who asked for his real name to be withheld, said: ‘Sometimes I think that I’m a robot. I do not feel anything. He added: ‘Death is not the worst thing that can happen. Everyone dies, but not everyone lives the way they want. If you are afraid of everything you must live in a sterile laboratory.’ Mustang shuns safety harnesses as he pursues his adrenalin-charged, death-defying hobby across the urban landscapes of Kiev and Moscow – only hindered by occasional police intervention. In his spare time he also enjoys the Brazilian non-contact martial art of Capoeira and throwing battle axes.

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