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Society’s Choice is proud to introduce New York to the incredible Dominic Zenden.

Dominic lives in Norfolk, England and is an Aura reader and medium to the stars. His work takes him all over the world and he combines his many spiritual talents with working in London’s prestigious Harley Street where London’s jet set go to be treated by the world’s best practitioners.

1. What makes you so amazing then?

DZ – There really isn’t anything amazing about me.

I just see the world through different eyes. I see everything wrapped in cotton candy clouds of color. Every person has a color signature or aura that indicates how the person is feeling emotional, physically and mentally. I believe these colors come from the vibration of energy that surrounds every single object living or otherwise that we see. When I open my eyes I see the world through the mist of all the colors that surround us. Over the years I have learnt what each individual color means as well as the combination of the colors. Reading a person’s energy or aura is not psychic its just a natural ability that I was born with.

2. How long have you had these gifts?

DZ – Every since I can remember. My very first memories are of my Grandmother being a “Green Lady” that was at the age of four , but after that I can recall my teachers talking to me in red and black light daggers of sound being thrown at me from across a classroom. I would see airplanes flying across the sky with browns and purples trailing behind them instead of exhaust flumes. I just had to except that my world was different from that of my family and friends.

3. Must have been difficult for family and friends to accept you.
DZ -Very difficult. My Mother could never accept that I saw the world in a way she couldn’t understand. When I was young I was taken to a doctor for tests. These tests went on over a period of days. My eyes, ears and my intellect all came under scrunity. When the results came back the conclusion was that I was above average intelligence and perfectly normal. I had figured this out for myself by now. But it taught me not to talk about my world or tell others about what I saw.
4. Explain how you can read my Aura?
DZ – Your aura is unique to you. The energy in your body vibrates at different frequencies. Each frequency has its own color which in turn indicates how you are feeling emotionally, phsyically and mentally. All I do is interpret this color information to build a detailed picture of your life. The interesting part is that every photograph taken also captures the unique color energy that is that person’s personal aura. So photographs are a moment in time that captures how that person was feeling when the photograph was taken. Photographic readings have proved to be a very accurate way of helping or looking at a person. Through the internet I can now read anyone in the world at anytime.

5. How do you deal with cynics?

DZ – My work stands out for itself. Proof is in the results I achieve. But I’m very open to people with different views. I have nothing to prove to anyone but again I’m happy to answer any questions or read any photograph or person that might want to experience how I work. Over the years of doing readings I have learnt to believe what I see not always what people say to me. I have come to understand that not everyone is happy for me to see the things about them that I do. Everyone has an opinion and all are welcomed.

6. Can I learn to read an Aura?

DZ – Yes. In my new book “Aura” I lay out how to see the colors in auras and how to use the information to help you choose the best possible people to get involved with. I have also included a comprehensive list of each and every color that I have ever seen and the meanings. Like any skill that you can learn some people will have a better aptitude at learning auras than others. Just like playing the piano, most of us can play chopsticks but few can play Mozart. But we can all reach a standard somewhere in between the two.

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7. Who have you read?
DZ – So many people from many different walks of life – Royalty, sportsmen and women, pop stars and people from many countries from all over the world. Every single reading is confidential and I would never disclose who had asked me to read for them. I have never approached anyone. A strict rule is people must approach me if they want a reading or a personal appointment.  I have performed over 15,000 readings.

8. What else can you do?

DZ – As well as reading auras from photographs or in person, I currently work in Harley Street, London, helping people understand their auras and how their emotions can lead to illness if not worked upon.  I also have an ability to talk with spirits as a medium. I use psychometry – which is the ability to read objects by touch.  I have presented my own television show on satellite TV Europe and presented a radio show on The Paranormal on UK radio.  I have a wide knowledge of the paranormal from Ghosts to Aliens and have written many articles on both subjects. My first book is called “Spirit Motivator” it’s all about my life and how I understand the spirit world. I’m also a past life regressive therapist as well as being very interested in future life progression.

9. Can anyone else do what you can do?

DZ – Of the seven billion people in the world I’m sure others will do what I do, I just haven’t come across them yet. I believe with hard work and dedication we all can come to understand the world that surrounds us and connect to the spiritual because the very nature of being spiritual means we are all connected. Something that is always good to remember. Every single thing we do starts with a single thought.
10. How do I go about getting you to read my Aura?

DZ – Send me a photograph by email or make an appointment to see me. Send a recent photo for a reading to me at readmyaura@gmail.com. Or set up a personal appearance as a dinner guest or book a one-one reading with me.

Society’s choice and Dominic Zenden Ltd have combined to offer all our members    a special price for a photographic reading. Usually $400, Dominic’s detailed personal readings are now available to our members for a limited time only of $200. Don’t miss out on this incredible offer!

 This man will change your life – for the better!

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