I have always loved dogs ever since I was a puppy… I mean a kid!

Some of the things I love about dogs…

1. They’re beautiful, funny + they lift your spirits.

2. They’re trustworthy, honest + fiercely loyal.

3. They are ‘always’ ridiculously delighted to see you whether you’ve been gone 5 months or 5 seconds.

4. They won’t sue you.

5. They won’t divorce you.

6. They’ll never leave you.

7. They don’t care about diamond rings, fast cars or big houses.

8. They just want to spend time with you…

In Phuket most of the dogs live on the streets + have to beg for food. Some do fine, some get bullied by the other dogs, some get sick + some starve. I drive around Phuket with bags of food to give to some of them + I remove ‘ticks’ from dogs I find who are badly infested. I have lots of street dog friends dotted all around the island! I’m an ‘unofficial’ vet on the streets of Phuket…! lo

I discovered the Soi Dog Foundation youtube videos + loved the fact that someone was helping these dogs out.


 The Soi Dog Foundation is run by an English husband + wife team out here in Phuket. The wife contacted septicemia while rescuing a dog from a flooded water buffalo field and lost both her lower legs, and nearly her life. She works 7 days a week out here! Non-profit + entirely funded by voluntary donations, they have spayed + neutered over 40’000 dogs in the last 9 years, which is important because it keeps the out of control growth of street dog numbers down.


Full-time vets also administer medical services for the dogs. Soi Dog accomodates 400 dogs in various stages of recovery from abuse, sickness, malnutrition + abandonment. And many of the lucky ones get adopted by families in Phuket + in countries all around the world…. for a wonderful, new life with a loving family! Some of these street dogs take weeks/months to come to terms with the fact that at the shelter people are being nice to them! They don’t understand it. No-one’s ever been nice to them before! The spaying + neutering also reduces the number of dogs smuggled out of Phuket to Cambodia, Laos + Vietnam to be slaughtered for the ‘dog meat trade’. The conditions under which the dogs are transported and slaughtered are inhumane and many die from suffocation long before they reach neighbouring countries.

Shiver, stage 1.

Those that are still alive are not humanely killed. Many are tortured often for hours before being skinned alive. The reason for this is that some of the Asian people believe the pain inflicted leads to the tenderising of the meat.

Shiver, stage 2.


 One of these dogs, Shiver, was found at the side of a road on the brink of death. He had horrific skin infections, malnutrition & pneumonia. We did not think Shiver would survive. After several months of intensive care & treatment Shiver’s condition gradually improved. His story was shared worldwide & he helped create awareness of Soi Dog internationally. Here’s a beautiful, little youtube video of Shiver’s recovery…


Shiver, fully recovered.

So, when I discovered that the shelter was only a 15 minutes drive from where I live, I thought I’d check it out. Now I do voluntary work there. It’s a joy to work with these dogs who are so grateful for a little bit of caring, a little bit of walking + a little bit of loving….

Take care,


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  1. Diana Klingenheim on the July 15, 2014 remarked #

    Good evening Jed;

    It’s really nice to hear about guys like you.
    If our world had more of your type, it sure would be a much better place.
    P.S. I also love dogs!
    And all kinds of living creatures.

    Warm Greetings


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