A series of photographs featuring a father and his toddler daughter have become a huge online hit.

Titiled The World’s Best Father, Dave Engledow, from Tahoma Park, Maryland, can be seen posing alongside adorable two-year-old Alice Bee in a number of unlikely scenarios. The World’s Best Father idea was sparked by a joke photo in which Mr Engledow pours milk from Alice’s bottle into his coffee. Another image sees the pair learning ballet together in pink tutus. The collection, published on Kickstarter and Facebook, shows the youngster seemingly washing dishes, ironing, vacuuming and whipping up pancakes for her father’s breakfast in bed. She is even seen sitting in a steaming pot on the stove, holding a lit flame and having apparently sliced her father’s fingers with a pizza cutter. Of course little Alice Bee is not really placed in any danger – Mr Engledow is a Photoshop whiz having studied photojournalism in college, and each image is usually a composite of many individual photos, and can take up to 20 hours to create.

(Click here to see the photos via our Flickr stream)

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