Amazing images of wolves as they were seen by the couple who lived in a tent for SIX YEARS to better observe the wild animals. Most people run from wolves but one brave couple spent six years of their lives living with the feared creatures in an effort to better understand their way of life. Jim and Jamie Dutcher lived in a tent within the world’s largest wolf enclosure in a bid to observe and document the behaviour of the wild animals. The married couple lived without electricity or running water and braved temperatures of -40 Farenheit as they spent six years living in the 25 acre enclosure on the edge of Idaho’s Sawtooth wilderness.

And as these intimate images show, Jim, 69 and Jamie, 50, formed an incredible bond with the animals and gained a unique insight into the lives and behaviour of wolves. By socialising with the pack from when they were pups, Jim and Jamie were able to gain the wolves trust and observe their behaviour in a way that few people ever have. They bottle fed the wolves as cubs, watched them mature, establish a hierarchy within the pack, produce their own offspring and even witnessed the pack mourn the death of a loved one. The couple then captured the intimate lives of the wolf pack on film, in a bid to dispel myths about the animals and show a different side to the usually socially-guarded animals.

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