The fluffy white bear was caught on camera jumping and jiving in the middle of the wilderness on the edge of Bernard Spit in Alaska. With temperatures plummeting well below zero throughout most of the year it appears as if one of the world’s largest land carnivores is dancing in a bid to keep warm.

The boogying bear’s hip-shaking moves and outstretched paws evoke memories of John Travolta in 1977 classic disco film Saturday Night Fever.

Professional photographer Steven Kazlowski, who specialises in capturing polar bears in the wild, managed to catch the stunning pictures of the animal in action earlier this year. While the bear might look like a natural on the dance floor, his nifty footwork was actually down to a genuine lack of co-ordination.

‘This curious and overexcited young bear was trying to get a better look at us as we passed on the skiff,’ explained Kazlowski. ‘It was trying very hard to stand up and keep its balance. Young bears are always trying to stand and get a better look at what is around them, as their mothers do, but are incredibly unbalanced.’

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