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Dorivee Candelaria

On Christmas Day 2004, Dorivee Candelaria 30 years Old was suddenly diagnosed with breast cancer.
Shortly thereafter, she underwent multiple surgeries, along with six months of chemotherapy treatment with the hope of preventing any further possibility of recurrence. For several years, and multiple check-ups the cancer appeared to remain dormant.

In January of 2008, a routine examination revealed Dorivee’s cancer had returned. Doctors immediately informed her that a more intense, higher potency means of chemotherapy should be administered immediately if any chance of eradicating the cancer were possible. Dorivee proceeded to undergo another arduous six month bout with treatment. Once completed, the cancer again, appeared to be in remission. Time had passed and you couldn’t help but notice the brightness of her smile. It was a sure sign of her well being and great state of mind. The momentum of her advances in her career & personal life were in full swing as everything relating to the cancer was seemingly behind her. Unfortunately, as you all by now are aware, during the past couple of months, Dorivee has been experiencing an array of painful ailments that prompted her to seek medical attention. After several visits to the emergency room with no significant findings, Doctor’s decided to have a CT scan as well as an MRI performed.

The results clearly indicated a cause for concern. Further research concluded that despite preventative examinations, the cancer had spread to multiple locations throughout Dorivee’s body. Doctors have since diagnosed her current condition as advanced Stage IV breast cancer at 38 years Old.

On August 8th, Society’s Choice will be hosting a Fundraising event to help Dorivee with her treatments.
There is no more special or brave person than Dorovee and we hope all our members can help her in some way.

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