Dalal & Shireen at a photoshoot in Central Park

SC:  Now that Taste the Night, your debut single has been released with incredible success, how are you feeling?

DB:  I feel so motivated to work even harder now! People enjoy the song…which makes me incredibly happy!

SC:  Taste the Night had 500000 hits on the first day it was released on You Tube.  How exciting is that?

Photo credit: DaleAnn Clancy-Photography

DB:  Very! I never would have thought that it would go viral! When my team called me and told me it was the most watched video on the first night! I was like….” Wait…what?”

SC:  What will the inevitable Fame and Fortune that is coming your way mean to you?
DB:  I have so many ideas and I can’t wait to give them a good solid foundation to grow from! I just love to work! The prospect of more work is heaven!!!

SC:  You are literally the Golden Girl who does not smoke and drink.  “Do you believe that image is going to help or hinder you?”
DB:  This is who I am and I’ve always been this way. I hope it will help people understand that you don’t have to be a certain type, and act in a certain way to fit a certain role.

SC:  You told me recently that your favorite type of evening is playing a board game or hanging out with friends.  “How will that be possible when your World explodes with fame?”
DB:  Yep! Anybody who knows me will tell you that I’m a big board game fan :) I have a wonderful circle of friends and a great family. Those are the people that will keep you grounded no matter what! I love them all so much! :) There will always be time for a game of Chess or Trivial Pursuit! Lol!

SC:   Are you ready for the constant media attention that will become your daily life?
DB:  The Media can do great things for you! There is so much good you can do in this world and we can be thankful that the Media is there to help us….otherwise no one may ever hear what you have to say! I love talking to people! I love performing! So I will try to focus on the positive aspect all this can bring! :)

SC:  You have been compared to Britney Spears who is someone your team work with.  “How does that make you feel?”
DB:  It is definitely a compliment! I think she is an amazing entertainer! I do hope that all my future projects will set me apart from all the people the world likes to compare me too. Just like Bobby Darin said “I just want to be, someone known to you as me” :)


SC:  What is next for you?
DB:  I have a couple movie projects coming up! A new movie I’m starting in September. We are working on the next Single, the shows, concerts and the Album.  I’m also working on different soundtrack songs for movies, modeling projects and I found a few charities that are doing amazing work and I would love to become more involved in their charitable work.

SC:   Can you imagine what your new life will be like?
DB:  Busier? :) I hope I can spread my wings! :)

SC:  Society’s Choice are one of your biggest fans and you have so many fans and friends in our group.  What does that close affiliation mean to you?
DB:  I adore Society’s Choice and I love the family I gained through being a part of this wonderful group! Society’s Choice is doing such a fantastic job in bringing people together, enjoying life and all the good you can do with your talents and through hard work!

SC:  We love you Dalal and there cannot be anyone sweeter or more deserving of success than you!  Good luck and we will all be at your side cheering your every move!!

Photo credit: DaleAnn Clancy-Photography

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  1. RiRi on the June 29, 2011 remarked #

    Very coool!

  2. Monica on the June 29, 2011 remarked #

    Love it!

  3. Michael P. Whelan on the June 29, 2011 remarked #


    How many times in Life do we have the pleasure and inspiration to experience the kind of beauty and Love that is the essence of the above Interview?.

    Starting from the photograph of yourself and Shireen. You appear more as if you were sisters than almost of all the real sisters that I have ever known. This similarity in appearance, I feel, is more reflective of the spiritual,philosophical, and emotional connections you both share with each other, as kindred spirits.

    Of course , you are both exquisite in your physical beauty, and as such can share some of the less acknowledged challenges that beautiful women confront from earliest childhood.Your smiles and your eyes reveal you to be kindred spirits, with obvious Love and Affection.

    As you are both quite similarly in a profile which would provide you with a comfortable Life,with very little effort, aside from engaging your own self indulgence. And yet together you cannot fail to inspire and ennoble all who know you, or know of you. As you are both engaged in the pursuit of two of the most difficult, time consuming, competitive and pressure filled careers, Shireen as a Medical professional, having already been awarded her Medical Degree, and Dalal in the fiercely competitive jungle of the Entertainment industry.

    So you are after all is said and done, incredibly and most sincerely, simply, very genuine and kind people.

    I am so humbly grateful to have had the Blessing of coming to know you both, and inspired by your courageous and honest approach to Life.

    With Sincere Admiration and Love,


  4. Ashley on the June 30, 2011 remarked #

    Dalal is so great. Thank you for writing about her. Keep up the great work.

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