Million-dollar Gold Tableware

Make your every meal luxury! A Japanese jeweler is selling a 13-piece tableware set made entirely of pure gold for $1 million.

The set by Ginza Tanaka includes goblets, plates, chopsticks and cutlery, each engraved with a dragon, which symbolizes eternal youth and health. The items are available as single purchases, with spoons priced at 650,000 yen each and soup bowls going for 32 million yen. The company said the tableware was aimed to appeal to Chinese customers. China’s increasing ranks of newly rich are buoying the luxury market despite the global economic slowdown. It is also an ancient Chinese tradition that those who eat from gold tableware will have eternal youth and life. “Recently, there have been a lot of Chinese customers. When they visit our store, we try to appeal to them by showing we can also design Chinese-style tableware,” said Naoto Mizuki, general manager of the store’s marketing department. Ginza Tanaka has offered in the past a range of goods made from gold, ranging from a gold bathtub to a gold bathing suit

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