Nashville’s Handsome Hunk, Beau Davidson, is about to take New York by storm and “Nature’s Night 2” will be the lucky recipents when we hear him sing.
Beau kindly answered these questions for us

1) Can u tell us what it means to u to come and perform at this fundraiser, for the National Wildlife Federation, not just in front of the audience at “Natures Night 2” but also to people watching the live feed all over the world ?

Anytime a performer can lend his or her talents to a greater societal cause, you have a win-win. I have had the great fortune of becoming involved in many charitable organizations, and Society’s Choice’s Nature’s Night 2 is no exception. I’m thrilled that there is a captive audience for us entertainers, and that the message and mission will expand to people even outside of New York.

2) How do you feel about all that has happened in the oil spill in the gulf?

I think it was a real shame and very unfortunate. My family vacationed every year on the pristine white beaches of Destin, Florida in the state’s panhandle, and it really pained me to think that that area might not be the same, because I have such fond memories of it. Fortunately, it seems that nature has a way of doing things beyond our expectation, and over half of that oil has evaporated. That can only mean positive things for the wildlife that inhabits the Gulf region, but substantial damage has been done, sadly.

3) R u a lover of nature and the sea?

I certainly am. I travel regularly to North-Central Arkansas to the White River, which is one of the country’s most pristine trout areas. Also, as a native Tennessean, we have some of the greatest state parks this nation has to offer. I’ve always appreciated the natural beauty of this country.

4)What do u think of New York?

New York is a high energy city. I always enjoy visiting, because you never run out of things to do, and there’s just an electricity about the city. So much of the world’s business is dictated from New York, and I think it represents the epicenter of so many great things about our country. As we learned from 9/11, New York is an incredibly resilient city too, and it’s clear that New Yorkers have real heart.

5) How do u stay so grounded after all your success?

Honestly, when you are raised in the south,like i was,you grow up grounded.Manners and tradition are highly prized,and things are centred around the family.This upbringing made me cling to my core principles and values when i moved to cities like Chicago and Los Angeles,where entertainers tend to lose a sense of themselves.I have also taken great pride in my anti drug position.Ive seen too many musicians lose thier lives, careers and families because of addictions,and i just never wanted to go down that path because i held fast to my principles-and as the saying goes:if you dont stand for something ,you will fall for anything.

6)What is next for Beau Davidson?

Well im constantly expanding my horizons.My hope is to release my full length album by finding the right label home for it.The true innovators in the music industry will be setting the tone for this decade and i want to be in that number.I want to find ways to incorporate my music into scripted tv and film,and I’d actually love to sing opera in a new film,due to my own classical training.I’d also love to do a broadway show in the near future,because i see my career as having many layers.

7)Finally what would you like to say to the 10000 readers of Society’s Choice?

I certainly appreciate anyone who will give me their time.As musicians ,we are asking for your ears,but we are also asking for your hearts and minds-to transform you with our lyrics and melodies.After all ,that’s what a great song should do.You should come out emotionally changed from before the song started.So as i come to New York and perform for you all,I hope you will be touched by my stories I have to offer,and hopefully you will stick around and pay attention to all that im attempting to do in this industry.It is truly the most challenging thing I ‘ve ever embarked on,but high risk equals high reward.

Thank you Beau and we are so grateful to you!
Here is the link to your great song



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