Paola Zambony & Dr. Shireen Fernandez

SC: Who is Paola Zambony?

PZ:  First and foremost I am a Mother – my daughter lives and works near Rome and my son will be heading off to college next year. I am also a very passionate couture designer and have lived and worked in Africa, Europe, the Far and the Middle East, and currently in Southern Florida. I bring an unmatched style of hand-embroidered sparkling designs known to range from simply elegant to sublimely magnificent. My goal is to give the public beautiful, exquisite workmanship in all areas of design: Cocktail Dresses, Evening and Wedding Gowns, Bags, Shawls as well as original Casual Wear.

SC:  What is your heritage?
PZ:  I am of British/Italian descent and was born in Kuwait, during a locust storm apparently.
SC:  How did you end up in Miami?
PZ:  It has always been my dream to move permanently to America. I chose Miami for the palm trees and glorious weather. I had semi-retired from the fashion business as I felt burnt out and bought a flower shop and boutique. But the need to create and design clothing was too much for me so I had to go back into it.
SC:  How does fashion in Miami compare to NY and London?
PZ:  Ok that’s a fun one. In Miami anything goes hot, sexy, flamboyant colors, short, long. I tend to be a bit out there so to speak so Miami is right up my street. As for London and New York, they are more conservative, but Zambony Haute Couture is not really about fashion but style.
SC:  Will you ever design clothes for men?
PZ:  Absolutely, have done a few pieces and can’t wait to do more.
SC:  Are your clothes for a certain age group?
PZ:  I would say not for children (yet!) My designs are geared to be more sensual rather than sexy and are varied and timeless.
SC:  How did you meet Society’s Choice?
PZ:  Oh that was fun. To meet Dr. Shireen and Alex was one of the high points of last year for me. I believe everything happens for a reason. I was doing a fashion show for a friend of mine in Miami and one thing after another was going wrong. I kept thinking of my dear friend and kept saying the show must go on and voila God intervened and there was Shireen and Alex.

SC:  What are your plans for the future?

PZ:  To bring out two new couture lines, and get my son settled and happy in college next year.

SC:  Please can you give a message for our SC members.
PZ:  Always keep going. If you can’t visualize what you want in life then feel the emotion and it will come to you. If you fall get up and just keep going. One never fails in life. Be around positive people. Help people to get where they want to go. Give love. Be loving. Laugh as much as possible. and please never take life or yourself too seriously.


Zambony Designs

Zambony Designs

Paola Zambony

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  1. Susan Korwin on the January 24, 2011 remarked #

    I have never had the honor to meet Paola in person, but that is on my “wish list” for 2011! She is a dynamic, talented and wonderful person, who I believe, shares a lot in common with me. I can’t wait to “model” her designs one of these days. Wonderful article!

  2. ray mollica on the January 25, 2011 remarked #

    your message to others touched me. not only are you beautiful and talented you have a beautiful soul.

    ciao bellissima!

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