Victoria Schweizer

(Sitting on the sidewalk in front of the gallery on Hudson Street)

If you’re thinking of getting some early holiday gifts checked off your shopping list you should think about doing something more personalized like having a portrait done for your loved one! Pop artist Victoria Schweizer – who normally donates her artwork to charities around the world – has opened her calendar so she could start to paint personalized commissions. You can see her fun style of painting here: www.vanegallery.com.

Victoria was born upstate New York to a father who owned an auto body garage and a mother who was raised in the south. This combination made for a fun balance between tomboy and debutante. Picture a prom queen but instead of a tiara, a bandana and instead of a gown a pair of denim, grease covered overall shorts from working on cars and motorcycles all afternoon.

After attending college she moved to NYC and worked at a boutique law firm for four and a half years. Right before Christmas in 2000 she went to London for a friend’s birthday party and, making a typical American mistake, she leapt into the street one evening, looked left and was hit by a car coming from the right traveling at about 40 mph. After four days of being paralyzed from the waist down due to a pinched nerve she came to the realization that she didn’t want to work at the law firm anymore. The man who hit her was an Indian man and believed that there was a reason this had happened. She did as well and felt very inspired by his hopefulness. Turns out he was friends with someone in the movie industry and she was interested in the production of films. They spoke every Friday for months and after rehabilitating her legs he made a call. The following Monday she was on the midtown movie set of Bad Company working with the producer Jerry Bruckheimer. She did that until September 11th, 2001.

Life was turned upside down on that tragic morning. She remained in NYC to attend seventeen memorial services and then her friend suggested she move to LA and stay with her for a while. So she did. She took that entire first year off and did nothing but paint, swim, drive up the coast in her little red convertible, play golf and enjoy what California had to offer – nice weather. After that year she was offered a job at Innovative at Ford and worked there for 18 months. At the same time she was also on a comedy show with Chelsea Handler called Girls Behaving Badly. You can see one of her many episodes here: http://youtu.be/iKrElyRsJqk

After working at the agency and in front of the camera she eagerly returned to NYC. She was out west for two and a half years.

Since being back she started a small public relations company assisting friends with organizing events. She was then offered a job at a brokerage firm and has been a weather derivatives broker at ICAP for the last six years. Her meteorology background is one of the reasons that the name of the gallery is Vane.

In her spare time she paints, takes photographs, plays guitar in a band and loves to travel. She donates a lot of her time to charities but doesn’t always have the time to attend the events so she’ll usually give one of her paintings to the silent auction as a substitution. Those seem to keep raising more money than just buying a ticket anyway.

Her mission is to be able to continue to paint and donate her works to silent auctions worldwide. So far she has donated 12 paintings and has collectively raised over $20,000 for numerous foundations. She does commissions but still donates half to the charity of the buyers choice. The other half is used to purchase more materials.

Many people in the ICAP offices around the world dress up in costume to celebrate the upcoming holidays and their company’s extraordinary idea. 100% of the commissions made at ICAP that day are donated by each broker and are then distributed to a wide array of charities.

On her website www.vanegallery.com you can see some photographs from numerous fundraisers and also the many ICAP Charity Day events that she participates in every year at her current job as a weather derivatives broker. Many people in the ICAP offices around the world dress up in costume to celebrate the upcoming holidays and their company’s extraordinary idea. 100% of the commissions made at ICAP that day are donated by each broker and are then distributed to a wide array of charities.  One of her paintings will be auctioned for this year’s ICAP Charity Day. You can see more about it on their website: www.icap.com

Many congrats on all you do Victoria and we will continue to follow your amazing success.

Best wishes.

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  1. Bill Evans on the November 25, 2014 remarked #

    Victoria helps greatly as member of Auction Committee for the Heart Ball.

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