~What is an Energist?
An Energist guides her clients on their Energism journey. Energism is defined as “the theory that self-realization is the highest good.” Embarking on one’s Energism journey goes hand in hand with Gandhi’s principle of becoming the change you want to see in the world.

~Who are your clients?
About a year ago I opened up my Energism practice to anyone who is open to having me as their guide and truly ready to do the work that goes into making your dreams a reality. My practice is comprised of clients from all over the world with different backgrounds who are high profile and very visible to very private.  They range from celebrities and entertainers that includes actors, producers, writers, musicians, comedians, singers/rappers as well as fashion designers and models to professional athletes and CEO’s to organizations, clubs, companies as well as physicians, attorneys, educators, parents and the list goes on. I would like to add that unless a client of mine openly speaks about our work together, I never confirm nor deny whether someone is a client of mine.

~What impact do you have on people’s lives?
It has been said that when the student is ready, the teacher appears but no matter how good the teacher or coach may be, the hard work, dedication and therefore glory mostly belongs to the one who put in the hard work. Every client is as unique as is their Energism journey. If my clients are true to themselves and follow through with their intial commitment to self, they will in turn make more of an impact on their own lives than anybody else ever could. Yes, they learn from me, but I learn from them as well. Some of my clients come to me at a time in their lives where they are unclear as to who they are and when they are in need of rediscovering themselves and/or reinventing themselves and I consider myself truly blessed to be entrusted with the amazing opportunity to bring Light to this point in their lives.

I have seen many, many successes and I’ve also worked with a handful of clients who were just not ready to commit to themselves. Both instances are learning experiences for both client and Energist. If at the end of the day, I had 1,000 clients who didn’t achieve their goal and remained completely in the dark and yet I had but 1 client whose music lyrics, for example, took a drastic turn from violent to speaking out against violence and millions of his fans began to shift to a higher level of awareness, I’d consider my Energism practice to have made a great impact. And thankfully, the success ratio that I’ve witnessed most definitely outweighs the ones who could not follow through to the point they wanted to initially. Having said that, I feel that even with the handful of clients who did not reach their goals, they too walked away more awake and more fulfilled than when we first began because everyone moves at their own pace so as long as you’re not standing still, you’re making progress.

~What does your husband feel about your work?
When I came across this question, I did not want to answer for my husband and so I asked him the question and this is what he emailed me verbatim and I truly could not have said it better myself:

“I hope this is okay and conveys my feelings about being married to my energist”.

I think my husband loves my work as much as I do.  He often tells me how important he thinks I am to those I help, because he knows and has sometimes seen first-hand the wonderful manifestations resulting from my work with my clients.  Even though I may sacrifice some family time to work, it’s as if he shares the same benefits and joy that my clients do when they discover energism for themselves.  He is also very spiritual and he takes what I do very seriously.  He has watched me grow as an Energist since the very beginning, and I have received nothing but endless love and support from him.”

~What do you feel when you have telephonic sessions?
During my sessions, I go into a part of myself that connects to my clients and tap into whatever issue it is they want to address. I feel a portion of what my clients feel. For example, if my client is experiencing depression or physical pain, I feel a little of what they feel in order to be able to focus on the heaviness within their Spirit that is causing their depression or pain and so that I may be able to lift as much of what is ailing them and give them as much relief as possible. The wonderful thing about this ability is that it also applies to feeling the joys and successes.

~Describe your experience of giving an Energism group session in NY with SC?
I’d like to preface my answer by thanking Society’s Choice for their constant love and support. About a year ago, I had a client-friend suggest that I should begin to make group sessions available to organizations, companies and clubs, but it was Society’s Choice that made it a reality by hosting my very first New York group session. My relationship with Society’s Choice founders began before Society’s Choice was born so naturally they were very generous with introductions to many of their members they held dear and in very high regard. By the time we held the SC Energism group session, I was very well acquainted with many SC members who were in attendance. As everyone knows, SC is comprised of members who are not only dynamic but connected on many levels which most definitely includes being spiritually connected.

New York in itself has off-the-chart Energy and you feel that as soon as you step off the plane. Add to that a highly-charged group of SC members who are open and who take in all life has to offer and I knew it was the right combination for a great session to take place. I had meditated upon arriving days before our session, but the Energy that hit me once we started matched my excitement and was on the verge of being intoxicating.

What I gathered at first was that most everyone’s Spirits was in NY mode ready to jump into action and at record breaking speeds. Everyone was willing to participate but did not know what to expect which was of course natural. I can add that this also included me as every single session whether be it group or individual is unique and never the same as any I’ve ever done. As we began and I invited the Source from where we draw our Energy to be present, everyone began to quickly go into themselves to embrace their upcoming individual experience. My goal was to clear people’s Energy and align their Spirits so that they could walk away better connecting to Source and from the feedback that I received and all that was shared, we achieved just that. Everyone had their own personal reasons for attending and many who focused received messages from not only me but through other SC members who participated. It was the biggest group session I had held and the Energy and emotions that were instantly shared and thown my way were very moving.  And the most beautiful part about it was also feeling the lift and lightness of everyone’s Spirit after we were done. I must say that I don’t believe I was the only one who was Energertically intoxicated that night as I was told the consumption of cocktails was lower than usual.

~You see angels going in and out of people’s bodies?
No, I do not see Angels going in and out of people’s bodies. Most of what I do is sense and it’s only when I shift and begin to focus and go into a part of myself that connects to something more in tune than me that I begin to be guided and see shadows within a person’s Spirit. We all have guides. My clients’ guides communicate with my guides and I am guided as to where to go and what to do. When I focus and meditate on a person’s Energy or a particular issue they may want to address, I see within parts of their bodies or the particular issue different shades of dark which I also sense various degrees of heaviness that cause pain or distress to my client’s bodies and Spirit. Often times, there may be different layers of these shadows that I may have to go through before my client feels relief and they may be in a couple of parts of their physical body, deep within or attached to their Spirit that I may have to focus on to accomplish our goal. For example, I have found that with many clients who have experienced deep depression for quite some time in their lives also begin to experience chronic pain as well as either an inability to sleep or a need to sleep more than is recommended and their Energy level may decrease so there will be multiple shapes and types of these shadows to go through and work with.

~Can you see the future?
At times I can, but it is not for the purpose of predicting and sharing entirely the images that come to me with my clients but for the purpose of helping me guide them to realize their deepest strengths and to utilize the tools within them so that they may manifest all they’ve ever desired into their lives. I have had clients who insist that I tell them what their lives will be in a year or two and I tell all of them this: “If I told you were going to win the lottery and be rich, but didn’t buy a ticket would you still be rich?” That question usually gets my point across that nothing worth obtaining in life comes without having done some kind of work. Once in a great while a client or two shares a story of a “fortune teller” they went to who told them this and that … and my response is always, “And was this ‘fortune teller’ leading the life you yourself desire to live?”

~When did you realize you had this gift?
I realized very early on as a child but it’s taken me all of my life to get to the point where I accepted it and I would imagine that developing it will continue to be a work in progress.

~Where will you go next with your Energism?
I grew up hearing that if I wanted to make God laugh I need only tell Him my plans. He has no limits and I no longer limit myself. This is such an amazing time in the lives of me and my family and it’s only getting better and better. I have dreams and goals but as I’ve found out, the Blessings God has set aside for me do not compared to the ones I have dreamed up so I stay open to all that is here and all that is to come.

~Do you have any messages for SC members?
Connect to your Source of Energy each and every single day and invite that Energy to be present with you in all you do throughout your day. Know that you are given all the Energy you will need to get through each day and you need not save any for the next day so give it all you’ve got but at the same time, slow down at least once to take in all of your Blessings and give thanks. I encourage everyone to go through your days Celebrating Life and Leading with Love. And when you’re winding down at the end of the day to sleep with the Angels, remember to Dream Big. Love & Blessings to you all!

Photo credit: Manhattan Society

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  1. Aurora C. Aquino on the December 16, 2010 remarked #

    How lovely it is to share experience to us all.Its very intriguing and fascinating at the same time..Some of us are experiencing the same thing but don’t know what it is. This has been a very good insight of what we also call spiritualist in some ways..Thank You so much Sarai you are well gifted and I am happy to know you from SC and seeing you in FB…

  2. Constance Gassaway on the January 11, 2011 remarked #

    Sarai is a very beautiful being inside and out. I’m so very honored to call her a “friend”. I thoroughly enjoyed getting to know her better through this interview. Very inspiring. ~ Constance G

  3. Helga(Olga) L. on the January 20, 2011 remarked #

    Very pleasant!
    The last paragraph says it all! And, I must say, inspires to do exactly like Sarai says:0)!

  4. Noelle Aberle on the August 1, 2011 remarked #

    Wow, superb blog layout! How long have you been blogging for? you made blogging look easy. The overall look of your web site is great, let alone the content!

  5. mark on the August 5, 2015 remarked #

    may your family and friends find peace in knowing your earthly journey had great meaning and you live in peace with angels.

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