Sometimes a person will touch your life that is so special, you will honestly wonder if it is divine influence that brought him/her to you. To us, at Society’s Choice, that person is David Plotkin. We first met David in the Hamptons at the Roar for a Cure summer cocktail party. We had been invited to this first time event by the organizers, but knew nothing about the cause before that night. In fact, we were going to cover another major event and had no intention of staying more than half an hour at most. Once we arrived at the beautiful home of the Pontes, it quickly became apparent to us that this evening wasn’t just another social get together, but an event of huge importance to the several hundred people there. This event was about a little boy so brave that you had to pinch yourself to believe his story and that of his family were truly real. In 2007, the Plotkin family from Manhattan, had their lives turned upside down when they learned that their little boy Max, age 4, was suffering from a rare type of B- Cell Lymphoma, a case that experts at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center had never seen before. The rare form of stage 4 cancer had manifested itself in the bone of Max’s right arm and mysteriously spread to his left knee. 
David and his wife Annemarie refocused their lives and Max immediately started a two-year intense chemotherapy protocol at Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center in Manhattan. The Plotkin’s went through a passage in their lives that shook them to the core of their existence but mercifully they got through it and today, Max is in remission. So what would most people do after getting their child back to good health? Go back to their old life? Yes, of course, but not the Plotkin’s. David was a successful finance man who worked in the hedge fund community as a trader before all this happened. After a devastating experience like this, David decided to walk away from his life on Wall Street and dedicate his time to his son. He packed up his previous life and devoted his existence to a higher purpose, which today is having a positive influence on not just his community, but also the thousands of families that are battling pediatric cancer. Hence, in December of 2008, the “Max Cure Foundation for Pediatric Cancer Causes” was founded. When you meet David, his incredible easy going and generous nature strikes you and you quickly see that he is a man that would do anything for his family and friends. When Max went through his treatment, David even shaved his hair off so that his son wasn’t alone.
I loved the way Max said to his father, “Daddy at least my hair will grow back!”
David told us another story about a local family whose young daughter had a rare form of cancer. In the past 3 years, the Max Cure Foundation supported them in many ways while they bravely battled the disease that struck their daughter. When a child has cancer and needs treatment, one parent needs to stop working and this can create another round of stress on the family already dealing with the worst of nightmares. Max Cure made it easier for them. Tragically, Katy succumbed to the disease this past December, but Katy’s father told David that the monies that Max Cure had donated, had given them every chance to do everything possible to help their little girl fight her battle.  They told David that they would be forever grateful to him and his foundation for providing strength, friendship and great comfort to them during a very difficult time. They will always remain friends.
The next chapter of the Max Cure Foundation is a major fundraiser in NYC on December 13th, 2012, which Society’s Choice have volunteered their services to try and support this underfunded cause.  The Max Cure Foundation has raised nearly 2 million dollars in a very short time, of which practically every dollar has gone back to helping the kids. Recently, 8 year old Max received a 2 minute standing ovation on Capitol Hill after he spoke in front of 500 United States Congressmen and Congresswomen, Senators, CEO’s of corporations and foundations as well as some of the worlds leading oncologists and researchers. The story of Max, his bravery and his impact on so many is spreading far and wide.
To us at Society’s Choice, we will do everything we can to help support the Plotkin family and the Max Cure Foundation as they roar for a cure until one is found.
The “Holiday Roar” cocktail extravaganza is already gearing up for December 13, 2012, and I guarantee the room will be packed to the beams in full support of an incredible family. We must all remember that Max could have been our son.
 David, we love you and your family and we will be forever at your side and continue to be brave.

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  1. gail Tobias on the October 23, 2011 remarked #

    so beautifuly written – thank you for your support for such and amazing cause for all children who suffer and can not find the help nor funding.

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