by Alex Harris

Many of us lack self belief and that in turn makes us susceptible to a lack of motivation. My life has been a roller coaster of successes and failures, but that is what I believe life is all about. Acknowledgement of failure or shortcomings is the foundation to what our house of success will be built on. Isn’t it better to have tried things to your best ability? If they don’t go well, then try and try again!

I think we are all embarrassed to admit our weaknesses, but I believe that self admittance is the only way. Whether it is at work, in a relationship or anything else you try, we have to give it our best shot. I am certain that all the great businessmen and leaders have had personal failures along the way, but all of them have persisted in their inner belief that the direction they were taking was the right one. I have let people down on my journey but have never hidden or shirked responsibility. Other people won’t hate you or disown you  if you let them down, but they will, if you hide and avoid them.

Get up when you are down, come back stronger,face those you have let down and never stop striving to make your way back to the top. You can do it and you better believe it, because if you don’t, no one else will.

It is important to talk about, not just your successes, but your failures as well. So many of us are scared in letting others know they are not perfect, but inspiration to me comes from people who have come back from the brink of despair , lost everything and then worked their way back to the top. It takes guts and sheer determination, but if you keep telling yourself you can do it, everything is possible.

I am not a life coach and will never pretend to be, but I do believe, because of my personal experiences, I can give valuable advice to others. I have never been afraid to listen to other people’s advice and admit my actions were wrong.

Life goes on after the storms have passed in our lives and it is up to us to find a way to gather our strength and continue on. My umbrella that has protected me from the rain has been my inner belief. There will still be puddles along the way, but with your self belief umbrella shielding you, only your feet will get wet. Believe from within and never stop believing that you are going to make a success of your life and that your legacy will be an everlasting one.

Safe journeys and best wishes to you all .

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  1. DENIZ CAKIR on the October 9, 2011 remarked #

    I liked Belief From Within very much..Safe journeys and best wishes to you and Shireen also

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