You by Thierry Durand 

Written Exclusively for Society's Choice

What am I without you
Digital sinking boat in the infinite
flying in an area without search engine
watching a corridor with no exit
a labyrinth of thoughts not exorcise
a blank virtual network for sharing and exchange
a sea of light was never extinguished

with you, with them
an infinite part of you, me, us, them
nor master, nor slave
flash of joy, sharing be
discovering the collective individuality
conjugation latent alternating current, past and future
I, you, he does not want to say anything

long journey from digital photo
a menu of joy, taste and respect
a restaurant taste, mix sugar and salt
dishes of yesterday, tomorrow's kitchens
champagne cocktail on the Milky Way
rainbow of well being

you is this
beyond the mathematics of the word
conjugation of the verb
the warmth of being in general
you like them is a set of flavor

we are the justification for this
flavor, mix in a digital space
a micro company has shown millions
and this combination of numbers has so many words

We've found
my friend

Thank you Thierry dear friend and welcome back!


  1. Arlene Wachman Weiner on the October 10, 2011 remarked #

    So beautiful as always Thierry!


  2. Barbara Gayle on the October 12, 2011 remarked #

    I so enjoy to read, then stop and think about Thierry’s wonderful writings. His poetry is inspirational and he is a true artist. I must thank Society’s Choice for making the introduction to this fine author and of course Friend, Thierry Durand.

  3. Florina on the October 13, 2011 remarked #

    You are so inspiring, Thierry! Thank you Shireen, for such a beautiful wrapping of his loving words!

  4. Bob LeBlanc on the October 19, 2011 remarked #

    Thierry – what a master of writing you are – We are fortunate to count you as a friend!

  5. Isabel Diogo on the October 19, 2011 remarked #

    I have no words …
    Just … wonderful.
    Thierry, my dear friend, I thank you for being my friend.

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