We are very proud and excited to welcome you to Society’s Choice’s new online magazine. We will be featuring interviews and stories about every subject imaginable.  We would also like to extend the opportunity to all our members who want to get involved and contribute by writing articles for the site.

Society’s Choice mission is to energize New York City’s growing entrepreneurial community. Founded by Dr. Shireen Fernandez, who in addition to being a physician, is also a legislative ambassador for the American Cancer Society, and has worked as a Radio show and TV host.

Given today’s economic climate and the growing trend to Entrepreneurship as a means of turning around our economy, we are creating a community of like-minded young professionals to meet and support each other.

Realizing that people need something constructive and positive to channel their energies. They want to have fun and feel better about themselves, connect, prosper and help each other grow. We at Society’s Choice are making that happen through what we call “Social Entrepreneurship” or “Doing Well, while Doing Good”.

Society’s Choice is a revolutionary new concept that empowers you and your business to create new opportunities through events, socializing, educating, connecting, ecommerce, marketing, promotion, networking, and social media. Through our community you will meet new people and create mutually beneficial business opportunities, producing new sources of income for your company and while assisting those who are less fortunate.
We encourage everyone in our network to work together to ensure we provide the best events, promotion, recommendations, references, connections, experiences, information and merchandise.

Community member’s can elect to be part of social media development program as well as explore possible opportunities for joint events.